What is an ND

What is an ND

In order to become a licensed naturopathic physician, one must complete undergraduate premedical course work and then attend a four year accredited naturopathic medical school.

Naturopathic Physician Polson, Whitefish and MissoulaFollowing graduation, there is a three day long series of national accreditation exams that must be passed before a candidate is eligible for license, to practice naturopathic medicine.

The successful completion of these exams enables the naturopathic physician to practice primary care medicine in accordance with the licensure laws of their particular state. In order to be fully licensed in a particular state a candidate must sit for, and pass, additional state exams. Once licensed, to maintain a license, continuing education courses must be completed every year.

Naturopathic Physicians can prescribe certain prescription drugs depending on one’s particular state’s Pharmacopoeia. Montana’s Naturopathic Pharmacopoeia can be viewed at the following websites:

Montana recognizes Naturopaths as primary care Physicians. In 1999 our state legislature made it a priority to assure that Montana’s have the right to choose Naturopathic Medicine along side Allopathic Medical Choices. Is made it mandatory that Montana state insurances companies pay for Naturopathic Services. HMOs are exempt from this requirement.