Standard Labortary Testing

Standard Laboratory Testing

Our lab costs a fraction of the costs of any other lab services in the Mission Valley, and perhaps western Montana. We pass this savings on to you. If you have a deductable or do not have insurance please make sure to give us a call.

We use Billings Clinic (formerly Deaconess Hospital) reference laboratory for our standard testing such as: complete blood count, chemistry panels, cholesterol screening, fasting blood sugar, thyroid testing, throat and general bacterial cultures, cervical cellular screening using liquid media, PCR sexually transmitted infection testing, PSA, HIV testing, urine culture, pregnancy testing, etc..

All of the testing done through this laboratory is via blood, urine and tissue samples. The collection of most blood samples is done conveniently at our office. Due to delivery issues, it is beneficial to draw blood before 2:30pm. Some pediatric are difficult to draw patients are sent to a near by laboratory for sample collection.