Patient Testimonials

Patient Testimonials

“I was desperate. I had been to a number of doctors for my hot flashes, chronic fatigue and thyroid issues. Their solution was to up my medications, which made things worse. One day a friend on mine recommended I call Dr. Katie Carter ND because she had helped her so much. I made the call and it changed my life. Dr. Carter not only listened to what I was saying but also understood what I was dealing with. After requesting some blood work, she was able to get to the ROOT of my problems and treat them effectively. Today I no longer have hot flashes, the fatigue is gone and my medications have all been lowered significantly. I have not felt this good in years. Dr. Carter truly has given m my life back.” Robin Lemon Livingston, Montana

“I, Katherine L Starke, would just like to say how wonderful Dr. Katie Carter is. I had a tummy ache for 2 months and I had tried everything under the sun, nothing worked. I thought to myself, Katie Carter has done a lot for me. Being I had breast cancer, I couldn’t use just anything, I had to be careful. So I went to see Dr. Katie. Within one week I was better. I would have to say my symptoms were 95% gone, in one week. I have stayed on the stuff she gave me. It has done the trick. When you are at the end of your rope, give Dr. Katie a try. What do you have to loose?” Katherine L Starke Polson, Montana

“I became a patient of Dr. Carter’s when we lived in Polson. We have since moved out of state, but I continue to keep Dr. Carter as my physician via phone consultations. I have a very complicated medical history. Dr. Carter recognizes the importance of listening to what I know about my body. With her vast knowledge of women’s health issues, she has worked with me to get my body feeling and functioning better than it has in decades.” Amie Hankins Sheridan, WY

“I was bitten by a mosquito in July 2011 and got West Nile encephalitis. By January of 2012, I had nearly recovered except for the headaches which I had daily. They were brief but intense and moved from place to place in my head. I had up to 30 of these ‘attacks’ a day. Dr. Carter gave me several herbal medicines and I started to improve right away, and by late spring I was nearly headache free. I am still taking one of the herbal medicines since I still have one or two a day. The pain has lost its intensity. At my age, 76 years, it is amazing that I survived the encephalitis, and I am extremely grateful to Dr. Carter for her knowledge and help. Also, I have lost nearly 30 pounds because of her advice regarding food.” Sharris Neary St. Ignatius, MT

“Thank you, Dr. Katie Carter, for healing my thyroid dysfunction of over 30 years! Then helping to find and restore the functions of my mind, body and soul with your genuine care and concern using your vast Naturopathic knowledge. I refer all to your love and to the compassion that I have felt. I refer you for all the qualifications and tools you possess for anything I have that needs ‘fixin’. A special note of thanks to Brandi, Katie’s office manager; who always helps to direct us as we come through the door!” Brenda Williams Polson, MT

"I retired from LAPD after 25 years, Viet Nam '68-'69, and have worked in Afghanistan and Iraq.  I had 3 medical problems that I saw doctors about: Emphysema, Arthritis and scar tissue from a torn ligament in my knee.  For the first two problems doctors recommended I take some sort of drug and for the third the the doctor recommended I have arthroscopic surgery to fix the scar tissue build up(even thought I would have to go back later to remove the scar tissue from the new surgery).

I researched the web and luckily I found Dr Katie Carter and Prolozone Therapy.  After treatments for Emphysema and torn ligaments I have been able to hike without shortness of breath or knee pain.  I also am able to do woodworking without any pain in my thumbs.  Dr Carter has used her knowledge to help heal the  problems I was having.  I would recommend Dr Carter and Prolozone therapy to anyone that wants to feel better without the use of drugs or surgery."
Ray Shorb
Columbia Falls, MT

"I was dealing with pain, it was like an iron cage, there was no escaping it. I had back pain for 20 some years and tried everything. I found Dr. Carter and after one treatment I was pain free. Prolozone has also helped my headaches and knees. I am so excited I just want to share this with people, feel free to call me if you have questions. 406-873-2001. "
Sandi Manley
Tumbleweed Studio
Cutback, MT

"I haven't felt this good since I was 17 years old. I had an accident, a horse fell on me and I have had back pain every since. Prolozone has given me amazing results. My life is so much better since I met you Katie Carter. "
Jim Cockriel
Polson, MT

"Thank you for becoming my #1 Doctor !!!!!! After finding out that the only solution to my back pain, after having an L5/S1 fusion was steroid injections, I called and scheduled an appointment with Dr. Katie Carter. Thank you Brandi, for being knowledgeable and your patience while answering our questions!! I wanted to heal not 'duct tape' the problem. So far I have had 3 injections and my pain has gone from chronic and intense to barely even feeling the pain and the scar where I still have 'hardware'. It has changed my life. Also, I had stepped on a nail and it was so painful that I was limping, changing my gait and causing a recurrence of the back pain. Dr. Carter injected around the puncture wound on my foot her 'healing concoction' and after she and Andrea made me a walking pad, I felt no more pain when standing or walking. That night I danced to Dark Horse..... The injections are healing my back, not masking the symptoms. Each time I received an injection, Dr. Katie actually cared about my health and how I was doing. I've been to Doctors who've just seemed to listen only to prescribe prescription drugs for the problem. Thank you for caring Dr. Katie and Brandi, and for encouraging me in learning more and becoming certified in body work, the field I enjoy."
Jason Ries, Polson


"It is with great pleasure that I recommend Dr. Katie Carter. She provides excellent health care for me and my many acquaintances. Dr. Carter's ever expanding knowledge and determination to provide the best care known to date in her field has resulted in numerous successes in enhancing the health and well-being of her patients.

While employed as a Montana Worker's Compensation Adjuster I was constantly in search of such practitioners who offered the best and most efficacious care possible for our injured workers. Her treatments would have been approved for reimbursement without hesitation due to her stellar results.

Any organization committed to providing excellent evidence based medicine needs to ensure the Dr. Carter is an integral component of that practice. Thank you. "

Dr. Loretta Holgate

Dr. Katie uses many tools to resolve pain issues. Some on these are osteopathic techniques as well as neural prolotherapy. We are having phenomenal results with our more 'difficult' patients since we have added the Neural Prolo to the mix. Here is a great article on Neural Prolotherapy: