Naturopathic Speciality Labs

Naturopathic Speciality Labs

As a Naturopathic Physician, I have many valuable resources at my availability. Some of these are as follows:

Heavy Metal Testing- Doctors Data
Allergy Testing- US Biotek
Hormone Testing- Diagnostechs, Rhein Labs
GI Panel- including fail proof genetic testing for parasites, microscopic for yeast and bacteria, digestive markers, H pylorie, intestinal immune status, and much more.
Igenix-Lyme testing

Allergy testing-
US Biotec, Meridian Valley Labs, Alcat test (Cell Science Systems)

Hormone Testing- Precision Analytical (DUTCH test), Rhein labs, Diagnostechs

Neurotransmitter Testing- Pharmasen labs

More testing is available, please call our office, I am always learning and growing as a physician.